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Friday, October 14, 2005

A Walk to Truly Remember

Mandy Moore movie jokes aside, the launch of the video iPod is probably going to be one of those milestones that we see in BusinessWeek a decade from now. It is truly remarkable. Not because Steve Jobs is such a genius (which I hear he is, in his own right), but because it gets the marketing nirvana end game rolling.

I don't own an iPod, and my interaction with iTunes hasn't been great to date, but the big deal with Video iPod's launch is the ability to download and time-shift content whenever and wherever you want. I do have iTunes, so I can still take advantage of the new video content.

Maybe Joseph Jaffe was right. Traditional TV looks like it's taking a few shots to the body. It's wobbling, but certainly not down for the count just yet. Getting episodes of Lost or Desperate Housewives is one thing - a good start - but it's got a long ways to go. In a few months, they'll add more content and slowly build a collection to where I don't even have to worry about making it home by 8 to see Sex and the City (again), or the latest WWE episode. I can download it and watch it in small increments throughout the day. On my lunch break, before a meeting as I'm waiting for my boss to show up.

It's all about efficiency and freedom. Make the most of my time and do it anywhere I have the opportunity and the inclination. That's what this milestone is all about.


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