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Monday, October 17, 2005

Podcasting - Is it for Real?

Saw a great article that sums up the podcasting debate very well. In Jason Heller's article, "The Podcast Bandwagon," he makes a lot of good points. Podcasting is new and exciting. Yeah, that's great. But it's not for everyone and every situation.

I had a F500 client tell me that they wanted to do a Podcast next year. Why? Because it's the latest rage. Not necessarily the strategy I was hoping to hear - nor would I pin my hopes and financial projections on that strategy either.

That being said, there are a lot of great podcasts out there. From the very out there to the very interesting (depending who you are). If you're a broadband fan like me, you'll love Joseph Jaffe and Steve Rubel's podcast, aptly titled "Across the Sound" because they live across the sound from each other up in the Northeast. Damn Yankees. It's a look at the big things in media and marketing from their perspectives. Good stuff.

You can also check out the AMA Atlanta podcasts - I host this, in the spirit of full disclosure. We try to record as many of our speaking events as possible. This is a very basic podcast with a little post-production to trim it down and distill the really important points. Any comments are certainly welcome. Check it out.

Anyway, I digress. Podcasting is another great invention, but like all other marketing strategies and tactics, you need viewers (listeners, technically). That means drive-to. Think of it as radio On Demand. And you know how much radio devotes to self promotion. The big question is, will this phenomenon survive? Is it real?

It's still about the content.


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