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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

One Word, Benjamin..."Authorship"

Everybody looks for that one word that symbolizes an era, an age, a year, a month, a day (March 22nd is National Water Day, btw, as I learned in Keith Weaver's blog). For the Benjamin character in "The Graduate", that word was plastics.

Today there's an argument for "online video", "rich media marketing", even "avian flu" has probably made the list somewhere; none of which are technically one word.

I think the one word for the next few years is going to be AUTHORSHIP. Think about it. All the YouTube and Trailer Crasher and similar sites are all based on the concept of creating and sharing content to the masses. The broadband web is the vehicle, but the need has been and always will be the human desire to express himself or herself.

Madonna chose to use Evian bottles. OK. Good for her. Others have chosen online video sites, like this hilarious spoof of Apple iPod. Companies are picking up on the concept and power of Authorship in their product promotions, like this Slither Theater where you can "mix your own trailer" using clips, sounds and sfx.

Accentuating a brand's ability to talk with consumers is now even more vital since we all have less time and attention to spend with each precious brand impression. Engage, excite and educate - yes, always. But don't forget about giving an intuitive and compelling way for the consumer to talk back and author their own part of the marketing conversation.


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