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Friday, February 17, 2006

Wanna See Broadband Really Grow?

Great brief that came out today in my eMarketer email. [If you don't get this, you should.]

This Yankee Group research (right) admits to a continued growth in broadband penetration and preference, but also claims that 30% of U.S. consumers will never switch from dial-up. Well, some people don't see the artistry in Beyonce Knowles' performance in Goldmember...and that's OK too.

So as of October 2005, we were at about 62.5% broadband penetration (of online users). Today, this is likely closer to 70% accounting for growth over the past six months. Wanna know how we can blow this number out?

Do what HBO did with The Sopranos. Create some "must see" content that is so compelling that you just have to watch (Zapruder film, JibJab's Bush Parody, SNL's "Lazy Sunday") ...

... then ONLY show it online

... and give the ability to send-to-a-friend

Sorry if you were expecting some big, drawn out MBA theory with lots of stats, charts and forecasts. It's simple sales really. Create a sense of urgency, make the experience fun and exciting, and empower your viewers to spread the word because they want all their friends to think they're cool for passing it along.

There's a lot of rich media marketing going on, but you'd think someone would have figured this out by now.

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