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Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Low Down on Mash Ups

In a previous post about the big trends in rich media marketing today, I wrote about how the concept of "authorship" - giving consumers the power to create, react, publish and own a piece of the brand - is going to increasingly drive marketing strategy.

I have another example of that. Mash Ups. We're seeing more and more of these as broadband again opens the possibilities to share and create rich media marketing experiences that not only promote brand products and services, but also ingrain customers in these brand experiences. That's the key. Take a look at some of the recent video Mash Up greats:

Take the Lead


Creative Commons even has a quick tutorial for those of us not as familiar with the concept or how to Mash Up audio tracks.

This tactic is all part of a larger rich media marketing strategy. Showing others about what you're selling is one thing, but getting them to play with it and share it with their friends is pure marketing nirvana. This is another huge benefit to rich media marketing. It makes your brand more personal, extending the exposure in a more friendly and familiar light.

Think about it - which movie would you go and see - one that Ebert recommends or one that your best friend recommends?

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