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Monday, October 31, 2005

It's Scary When I'm Right

I hate to say I told you so, but...

A few weeks ago, in a "Wright of Way" posting titled, A Lost Marketing Opportunity, I wrote about how the hit ABC series "Lost" missed a huge chance to pull in new viewers by answering some of the questions of the show through an online experience.

Well in today's Online Media Daily, there is proof that this would have been a great strategy. The article, titled, "Traffic Surges at TV Sites" talks about the growth in the number of viewers going to network and show sites to find out more about the characters, plots and upcoming episodes. Or in "Lost's" case - how many weeks they're taking off before some more all-new episodes.

This is another cog in the wheel of change. The web sites are an amazing place for shows to put content. It's all going to be the same eventually - why not begin the inevitable and cross-promote TV and online to garner more fans and more loyal fans. Turn fans into fanatics and fanatics into VPs of Ideation. In other words, let the people that are most into the show cast their footprint on the future of the show. This can only breed more devoted following and probably prevent the content from becoming too formulaic and predictable.


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