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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Wanna Recipe for Blogs? Connect the Dots!

I was reading Steve Rubel's blog, Micropersuasion, today and he had a post about the "Secret Sauce of Blogging." His main point was don't just talk about your company and their views and benefits of their thinking. Add value to the conversation.

Sure - that's a great point. But I think taking that idea one step further may bring us a little closer to how to really "Kick it up a notch" as our friend Emeril says.

Robert Fulghum had it right. Everything you need to know, you really did learn in Kindergarten. The key to blogging is about connecting the dots. Don't just talk about the new things going on, or your company's new widget. Steve was right. But connect the dots. Talk about how events are inter-related or are counter-intuitive. The blogging community is really in a big search for understanding and insight. We can only get this if we better define what's really going on. And all of opinions and viewpoints will gradually help to pinpoint and focus the discussion/debate.

So you wanna know how to blog? Add to the conversation by connect the dots and help bring a little more understanding to your world.


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