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Saturday, November 05, 2005

The future of broadband - Ripe TV?

OK so this may not be my ideal type of content, but the concept is on the right track. If you haven't seen "Ripe TV," check it out. It's obviously male 18-35 slanted and the style is a rip-off of the Howard Stern Show. Lots of girls and music videos. Production quality is ok in spots, but I'm more excited about the way that this is all coming together.

There is a good-looking hostess (in fact viewers can vote for a new hostess every week - interactivity gets a check) who sets the stage and lets us know what's going on. Then we have an ad to start the segment. Then the content. There's also a roll-over ad during the content. The hostess rejoins to introduce the next feature.

It's a TV show online, delivered right to my desktop. Now the video player isn't full-screen, but it is delivered in Flash, so we know that it's fairly accessible on most computers. All in all - not a bad start.

The big question - will Ripe TV stay that way? If I was a betting man, I'd have to say that unless they can find a niche with this type of content - which there should be given the demographic - then this will be another good effort, but not enough to stay with the big boys.

Actually that brings up a question. If you've got a solid concept, big name advertisers, decent quality concept and an appealing targeted demo, why wouldn't you be successful? What is the secret ingredient that turns this into Jib Jab?


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