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Monday, November 07, 2005

iPod Nano - Stayin Alive

OK, now I can truly say I've seen it all. We've come full circle. An Engadget blog posting covers the story of the launch of the "mTune". Hopefully this will be better than Olympus' awful mRobe - which as CNET reviews describe - bombed miserably. Hope the SuperBowl spot at least got the execs some free tickets to the game.

The mTune (left) looks like one of the best accessories out for the iPod set. Put your iPod mini or iPod Shuffle in these collapsable headphones and now you've got wireless enjoyment. As long as you don't mind the old school headphones.

Good products beget good products. That's life in the world of Apple. Man, this product saved Steve Jobs' neck. Talk about a fourth-quarter comeback.

I only hope they figure out a way for the iPod Video to have a similarly cool hook up. With video glasses or something???

This is a product from Icuiti. Pretty soon we won't be listening or seeing anyone else - just off in our own private worlds.


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