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Monday, December 05, 2005

Desperate Shoppers - An Email Success Story

As I stood in line with my wife at her favorite store on Saturday morning at 11am, I tried to find the silver lining in my predicament. The pessimist in me was saying:

"Dude - it's Saturday morning and you're missing College GameDay - the last one of the season. Why couldn't you feign Avian Flu or something and get out of this nightmare?"

The optimist in me was saying:

"Dude - you're in New York & Company where the walls are adorned with perhaps the hottest Desperate Housewife of them all (Eva Longoria) and you got here because of an email. This is proof that rich media marketing works. This is great! Plus, Texas is probably killing Colorado so you're not missing too much." (which they did)

This is the beautiful face that launched a thousand successful emails and literally millions in revenue for New York & Company is this email (above). My wife got this email on Thursday and Saturday mornnig our AMEX bill took a big hit. Proof that online marketing can drive offline sales.

Now here's an even better idea. What if NY&C would have sent a rich media email (click the "holiday video" button) directed at husbands and boyfriends - using video of Eva that's already on the site - with her looking lustfully in the camera and espousing the benefits of accompanying their better halves to the mall - imagine the click-thru and drive-to on that email!


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