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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Who's a Blogger?

I was reading the AMA Blog and came across an interesting post by Blog Diva, Toby Bloomberg. She was talking about how seniors are the fastest growing segment of bloggers out there. Makes intuitive sense. Seniors - like my grandparents - love to reconnect, reminisce and stay active. Blogging is a natural fit.

But I did a little research and found out that while they may be the fastest growing segment, the 18-year-olds still dominate in terms of sheer number. This is a survey conducted by LiveJournal. There are a bunch of cool demographics in this study, but the age statistics are most interesting (sorry it's so hard to read, but you get the idea).

ClickZ recently had an article titled, "Blogosphere by the Numbers" citing similar results from other sources.

This is interesting because the largest category of blogs is political blogs. Hopefully younger people are getting more and more active with the political scene. Regardless on which side of the aisle you reside, we're all going to have to take more ownership of this country to keep the advantages we have. This isn't something I have to tell my Bill O'Reilly-watching grandmother.

Now if I could just get her to understand what I mean by "rich media."


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