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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Googling Lyrics...What's Next?

Like I discussed in a previous post on what's happening with Google, today the search behemoth announced plans to offer Google Music (btw, not the official logo, just illustrative).

This will be a search tool aimed at finding music lyrics, artists and album names. Isn't Google in enough businesses? But like I said, they've got the cash to invest in new types of ideas. And the founders even said that they'd do things like this, so it really shouldn't come as any surprise.

The UnofficialGoogleBlog wrote about this back in early October in a post titled, "Google Music On the Way."

But what do you think Google will buy next? Rich media search? Write in and let me know.

Or if you're really lazy, go to Google and type, "What will Google do next".

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