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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Keeping an "Eye" on the Future...Not!

So CBS announced this week that it's offering two of its hit comedies online.

According to a Boston Globe article 'Two and a Half Men" and ''How I Met Your Mother" are being offered for free video streaming this week from the Yahoo! website.

Well, move on over -- the bandwagon is getting full.

Looks like the "eye" has got it's eye on the future. Well, not really. When are the big networks going to realize the the web is not just another distribution medium? It's not just another place to broadcast TV content. I feel like I need to start my own Truth campaign about the dangers of underestimating the power of the rich media web.

Just like ABC lost out with Lost, when it failed to integrate mystery clues on the show's website, CBS is also losing a big marketing opportunity to help salvage its ratings and better engage viewers. Shows need cult followings to really do well. They need viewers that rearrange their schedule to make sure they watch (and record) the show. You can only get that level of involvement if your audience is REALLY engaged. So don't just re-run the same show. There's got to be more value. Build other content around the shows and their stars. Interact. Create conversations. Extend the story. Grow it.

At the very least CBS could solicit story ideas from viewers to embolden the characters and enhance the show with new life and energy. While 2 1/2 men is already doing well, according to Neilsen, the Marry Mother show didn't even crack the top 20.

My first question would be to Charlie Sheen - what were you thinking when you left Denise Richards?

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