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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My Parking Spot...From 10,000 Miles Up

Here is my parking spot from Neil Armstrong's point of view. Just click and zoom all the way in.

Google Local or Earth or Maps - or whatever they're calling these days - has proven invaluable for me. Anytime my wife needs directions to her next appointment, I can walk her through every step of the way and even point out landmarks. I saw this technology when it was still called Keyhole (Google bought them in '04), but it's still pretty cool. Amazing what Flash technology can do these days. And as was discussed in a previous post on Google, it's amazing what this company has been able to do so far.

I think that 2006 is going to be one of those watershed years. We've had almost five years to pick ourselves off the ground after the dot bomb went off in 2000 (no disrespect or relation to the horrible events of 9/11 intended). Now it's time to figure out ways to use rich media marketing to add value, build engaging user experiences and make some money along the way.

This is a very exciting time, especially as CES kicks off the new year. It just gets those collective creative juices flowing.

I love the rich media space - its challenges, its opportunities and its promise. In fact, I think this picture is a great one as we look into the future of possibility.

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